High School Cypher

High School Cypher attracted over 500,000 views online.
High School Cypher” is a platform for high school students to express themselves lyrically through scholastic rap music.  Most believe that high school students are exposed to music lyrics that promote negative influences such as  sex, drugs, and violence.  Creativity and expression are important  factors to expand young minds. DrewStar Productions has worked to provide this outlet to its native DMV community and school systems, and plans to expand its efforts throughout the nation. Our mission is to empower young musicians, emphasizing the importance of education while developing a solid business plan for a realistic career path in mass media.
The Focal Point: Each and every High School Cypher has one main focal point: to promote education, graduation, and high school pride.



“Tell the truth, at first I didn’t like school, use to be on the block instead of night school, now I’m back at the class and not the hallways. Graduate, can’t wait to see my mom’s face.”

Rap lyrics

from a High School Cypher student


The High School Cypher Program will prepare students to excel in academics , artistic expression, performance and production. Giving those with something to say a means to see behind the scene and learn different aspects in communications. We encourage positive decision-making, a passion for learning, responsibility, creativity, and character development.


To provide an outlet for the youth that promotes:

  • Attendance in school
  • Academically responsibility
  • Positive decision-making
  • Peer Leadership
  • Personal and Professional Development


  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased high school graduation rate
  • Demonstrates more positive decision-making
  • Exhibits personal and professional maturity and growth
  • Model leadership
  • Respectful behavior in all interactions
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